IoT education & training

Purpose : IoT & Security education

Switched On Scotland was set up in Forres in 2015 to support Internet of Things 'IoT'.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

With IoT there are two main types. The first is peer to peer, the second peer to gateway. The first type is known as personnel IoT. This is when for example a NFC talks to your phone over 5cm. The second type of IoT is the real IoT we talk about here. This can have a rural range of 30km. We have tested 6km Forres to Findhorn.

IoT will become the new fuel of the future for rural development here in Scotland. It is our duty to keep up with the latest technology and master its uses before it makes us all slaves.

Here at Switch On Scotland, we promote all IoT projects from personnel to WAN.

Our main aim is to support Private WAN's using long distance modems in the IoT field. These modems can provide us with the rural distances we require to run a successful Wide Area Network 'WAN'.


Without real hardware security people will not trust the IoT

Security is used as a keystone when designing any IoT systems. Without security the system will be hackable, if it can happen, it will happen.

C.I.A the answer to IoT Security

Confidentiality – Encrypt all messages.

Integrity – Append a Message Authentication Code (MAC) to all messages to prove that no one has altered the message en route.

Authenticate- Any accessories that try to attach to the node.

Forres IoT hub

Forres Opened the first free to use Open IoT Community Test Hub in Scotland

The idea was born in Forres at the end of 2015, this idea was to offer a free IoT WAN incubation service to the people of Forres. To see old test results 2015-2016 please visit LoRaWAN

It was hoped that locals, education and businesses 'WOKE UP' to see a requirement for IoT and free to use LoRa modem systems. As we are located in a rural area, long-range modems offer a FREE to use communications solution over a vast distance. It is not used to replace the INTERNET in any way, but to add in another communications channel for mostly headless IoT. These IoT devices can be made up from simple sensors to more complex gateways with multiple functions.

Forres IoT 100 mile plan

Future plans hope to secure funding for all the towns along the A96.

Inverness, Nairn, Forres, Elgin, Keith, Huntly, Inverurie & Aberdeen. will cover the full 100 miles from Inverness to Aberdeen.

Scotlands first 100 mile IoT road is looking for funding. If you work / travel or do business on the here in SCOTLAND 'WE NEED YOU'.

We Need YOU!

Amsterdam showing the world how IoT works.

Smart Cities concepts from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an example Smart-City.