Switched On Scotland

IoT & Security education

This site will focus on technology and processes involved with the Internet of Things. 'IoT' & security.

Security is out of scope for normal users & software developers.

N.B. SECURITY has to be abstracted away from the user problem domain!

To do this with a PC/Tablet/Phone you will need U2F security token from FIDO alliance. For IoT you need to add a cryptographic secure co-processor that is tamper resistant.

This education site show's you how IoT and IT can communicate and how these systems can be used in a secure fashion.

One of the first IoT projects connected with Switched On Scotland uses personal IoT for passive advertising.

Here the user's Phone / Tablet takes the roles of IT and they receive passive adverts via Eddystone-URL BLE payloads from the IoT devices.

For more information on Advertising in Scotland alone the A96 please click on the A96 Icon to view the sites details.