Switched On Scotland

IoT & Security education

This site will focus on technology and processes involved with the Internet of Things. 'IoT' & security.

Security is out of scope for normal users & software developers.

N.B. SECURITY has to be abstracted away from the user problem domain!

To do this with a PC/Tablet/Phone you will need U2F security token from FIDO alliance. For IoT you need to add a cryptographic secure co-processor that is tamper resistant.

This education site show's you how IoT and IT can communicate and how these systems can be used in a secure fashion.

One of the first IoT projects connected with Switched On Scotland uses personal IoT for passive advertising.

Here the user's Phone / Tablet takes the roles of IT and they receive passive adverts via Eddystone-URL BLE payloads from the IoT devices.

For more information on Advertising in Scotland alone the A96 please click on the A96 Icon to view the sites details.

Terrorism is FAKE news, that's a provable fact here in the UK

Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror, or fear, to achieve a financial, political, religious or ideological aim. It is used in this regard primarily to refer to violence against peacetime targets or in the war against non-combatants.

The UK government, drop bombs on foreign lands without the consent of the British people. I don't blame victims for wanting REVENGE. We have never declared WAR with these nations but continue every week to kill these peoples with our weapons of DEATH.

Ask yourself, if your town was blown off the face of the earth, would you hate the killers?

This is why refuges exist, TERRORISM by our governments. Without bombing these countries and making WAR for ideology sake, they would be living in their own country. It is not for the UK to say how they live in their country. Our arrogant UK government wage WAR to make a POLICE state here in the UK and the whole world.

“More people are killed in the UK with underinflated tires than any made up so-called Terrorism”

Should we wage a war on AIR?

The concept of Terrorism has been embraced by the British government as a control protocol. They remove our LAWS every year, with the false promise of SECURITY. We are now guilty and have to prove innocents! 180 degrees out of sync with the LAWS of our land. Our ancestors died in two world wars for our rights, now these capitalist backed governments have sold our land from under our feet.

Our governments have hijacked democracy by making TERRORISM the 1st thing on everyone's mind. They all need to go, we the people will not put up with this betrayal any longer.

Our governments have backed the removal of monies from our land to offshore accounts. FANG is a vampire. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. They have stolen our future of our kids! This business practice supported by our UK government, in turn, leaves the UK with less money to use for the population. We have the same amount of people and at least 50% less capital available in the UK.

Our governments have killed out society, making hatred the central theme for all. It is our governments that have done this to their own people. Yes, they, do exist, they are the 1%. Nothing will ever affect these people as they are above the law.

Is it time for a revolution here in the UK? Should we declare WAR on our own government?

If your OK living in FEAR then back our government, your kids will be born into slavery on min wage.

If you're not OK with this SAD state of life here in the UK, start talking about the WAR on AIR! Hot AIR from our governments.

All you SHEEP have allowed this to happen, I look forward to the arrival of the WOLF! Then you can moan about your kids being EATEN! Fools you all are.

Wake the FUCK up!