Switched On Scotland

IoT & Security education

This site will focus on technology and processes involved with the Internet of Things. 'IoT' & security.

Security is out of scope for normal users & software developers.

N.B. SECURITY has to be abstracted away from the user problem domain!

HIE Inverness Ross Clark, IYB Manager says in reply to a meeting for R&D funding request 31/Aug/2018:

I’m not sure there is anyone within HIE who will be able to deal with or fully understand your specialism to be honest. .

Uneducated people are so funny, but make a very poor fit for this role when SECURITY is required for IoT projects, yet they give £6,000,000 for broken IoT. His statement alone makes you think they are all closed shop and brain dead. Idiot's at HIE wasting public money with more IDIOT consultants.

To do this with a PC/Tablet/Phone you will need U2F security token from FIDO alliance. For IoT you need to add a cryptographic secure co-processor that is tamper resistant.

This education site show's you how IoT and IT can communicate and how these systems can be used in a secure fashion.

One of the first IoT projects connected with Switched On Scotland uses personal IoT for passive advertising.

Here the user's Phone / Tablet takes the roles of IT and they receive passive adverts via Eddystone-URL BLE payloads from the IoT devices.

For more information on Advertising in Scotland alone the A96 please click on the A96 Icon to view the sites details.