Switched On Scotland

Switched On Scotland the FIRST free to use IoT gateway in Scotland

Switched On Scotland opens SCOTLANDS first free to use Open IoT Community Hub 2015

Forres LoRaWAN live test results

Our idea was born in Forres at the end of 2015, this was to offer a free IoT WAN service to the people of Forres.

Other companies are selling the usage of the system in Inverness & Glasgow, Scotland they include.

Glasgow pioneers Internet of Things connectivity opens later 2016

It is hoped that locals can see a requirement for a free to use Wide Area Network 'WAN' to give their IoT projects breathing space. As we are located in a rural area, Long Range modems offer a FREE to use communications platform with reach. It is not used to replace the INTERNET in any way, but to add in another communications channel. These IoT devices can be made up from simple sensors to more complex gateways with multiple functions.

Forres free to use Open IoT Community Hub

This free to use IoT incubation project will last from 2015 - 2020. It is open to all builders of IoT in Forres. We are funding this project for 5 years to give the technology a chance to take off locally at first then the rest of the A96. Our Software Engineer is available for any LoRa / LoRaWAN / WAN projects, this includes private or business.

In the initial stage 'Forres' will service an area with over 12000 people. This includes over 6000 homes, numerous local businesses and four schools. Coverage is dependant on antenna placement, as line of sight helps in range tests.

If you have an idea for an IoT project in Moray that could use Long Range modems, please contact myself to arrange a meeting. It is hoped that interest is given to start classes on the LoRa / LoRaWAN hardware. These classes will use Semtech SX1276MB1MAS & STM32L152 Nucleo. I have two sets of the kit, so peer to peer experiments can take place with LoRa modems. This is before we connect to the gateway with LoRaWAN enabled devices. There are also 3 SX1276 modules to use with other MCU for later development. Other classes will cover hardware & software include MKR1000, UNO+, Shields including Arduino 9 Axes Motion Shield, NFC, LCD.

It is hoped that the local council, schools, businesses & locals can see a use case for this system using IoT over WAN.

Future plans we are hoping to secure funding for all the towns along the A96.

Inverness, Nairn

Forres : The first of the FREE to use "Open IoT Community Hub's".

Forres Live LoRaWAN DEMO

Elgin, Keith, Huntly, Inverruie & Aberdeen.

A96.uk will cover the full 100 miles from Inverness to Aberdeen.

Smart Cities concepts from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an example Smart-City.